Why OTC Teeth Whiteners Don't Work As Well As Dentist Products

As a dentist, I am often asked about the differences between the teeth whitening products available for purchase in pharmacies and grocery stores, compared to those we offer in a dental office. Many people believe that because the products use the same whitening ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, a difference in quality is negligible. There are also many people who think of the treatments provided dentist bleaching are just a racket to make more money, which I know is not true - and I'll tell you why! Yes, all teeth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth, because this is the best break pigment spots that embed in our tooth enamel. Peroxide releases oxygen bubbles that dissolve stains, the same bubbles so much club soda can remove a fresh stain your clothes or carpet. But the bottom line is that over-the-counter products do not work as well for two reasons: the quality of the ingredients and the method of delivery. Delivery Methods The problem with products purchased in stores is that they are manufactured in a one-size-fits-all method of delivery. whitening strips and trays that do not match your mouth go well be an inefficient method to deliver the whitening gel to your teeth. When the plate is too large, it will slide around and spread the gel on your gums and the product is diluted by saliva. When the pan is too small, it does not cover all your teeth properly. This reduces efficiency. You'll also be less likely to wear the tray or strip for the period of time recommended if the gel has spread to your gum tissue because it creates a feeling of burning pain when the peroxide is in prolonged contact with your gums .

Provided dental whitening systems are customized to your mouth, so that the gel is in contact with the enamel of your teeth and is not diluted by saliva. It makes a big difference in the results you see, have a delivery method that fits over your teeth like a glove. You get an office in fasting or treatment using a system supplied dentist that you use at home, you get a much better product that brings you results faster laundering. Quality ingredients The other problem with products purchased in store is that there is little reliability in the quality and concentration of active ingredients. Yes, each box will Bleacher hydrogen peroxide, but how old is peroxide? Has it been degraded by time or inappropriate storage conditions? Hydrogen peroxide is a stable chemical, but it degrades over time and with the application of heat. If your whitening strips have a long journey in a hot transport vehicle, or were produced several years ago - it is not known whether they will be effective enough to whiten your teeth effectively. They can whiten your teeth, but at a slower pace if you wear the strips for several months before you see dramatic results. Teeth whitening treatments should not be used continuously; nonstop laundering for several months at a time can be demineralized tooth enamel before it can be re-mineralized by natural processes. It is safer to use a more powerful system for a shorter period than to whiten your teeth be ad infinitum.